bride and groom portrait at cosmopolitan club in new york city, ny


bryant + julia / private club, new york city wedding


the dream team //
julia’s dress: carol hannah / julia’s shoes: stuart weitzman  / julia’s glam squad: mg hair and makeup / floral: portafiori flowers / cake: baked / band: jerry kravat band / rings: zwikker and zacher 

Check out Bryant + Julia’s engagement session at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens!

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Lauren, whose work I recommend wholeheartedly, and with unbridled enthusiasm.

It’s hard to figure out where to start, so I will throw out some adjectives that describe Lauren: expert, flexible, unflappable, competent, unobtrusive, fun, versatile, responsive, friendly, professional, and conscientious.

My wife and I were a bit daunted by choosing a photographer at first as there were many sample photos that were not in line with the winter wedding that we had planned. Also, many photographers’ sample photos appeared as though they could have all been for the same wedding: washed-out, overly bright, kitch, trite, and predictable.

After twenty minutes on the phone, we knew that Lauren was the ideal photographer for us.

Having said that, I would posit that Lauren would be the ideal photographer for the vast majority of people, as she does truly not dominate the event, and her photography reflects the couple, and the event that transpires.

Furthermore, my wife had the wise expectation that our wedding not devolve into a photoshoot, which was a dealbreaker for some photographers.

As Lauren went through the shot list, she released enthusiastically those who were done so that they could enjoy the cocktail hour.

Lauren’s sample photos spoke to us because she had excellent shots in many different types of light settings. While other photographers had a more rigid aesthetic, Lauren’s photos seem to reflect each person’s unique event.

As a result, I was not surprised when I saw our final gallery because Lauren’s journalistic style ensured that our wonderful photographs reflected the wonderful event that my wife, and mother in law conceived and executed upon.” 


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