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6 unique nyc wedding venues you HAVE to check out


The tri-state area is lucky to have some pretty incredible venues, but after looking through pages and pages and pages of ballrooms, everything can start to blur together. On a quest to find the perfect venue for my own wedding, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite unique and non-traditional wedding venues!!


Brooklyn Winery

I know – this venue is on EVERY “unique wedding venues” listicle, but it’s on for great reason – there is something so cool about a working winery (YES! They make their own wine!!) right in the heart of Williamsburg. I truly can not say enough good things about this space. I absolutely love photographing weddings here, especially because of the beautiful, diffused lighting throughout the space during the day. Not to mention they have a gorgeous green wall that I could stare at (and photograph) all day long, and it’s perfect for events with up to 150 guests. If that sounds like you, be sure to hit ‘em up.  


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Glynallyn Castle

Okay, so this venue isn’t in New York City (sorry) but it’s easily accessible by train and well worth the trip into New Jersey. Glynallyn Castle is seriously one of a kind. This was honestly my favorite wedding venue that I found during my search, but ended up being too small for our Big Fat Italian Wedding. If you’re considering something cozy and want a venue unlike the rest, this spot would be perfect for you; the great room holds 70 people for an intimate, seated dinner. Completed in 1917, it’s made up of 575 antique stained-glass and old leaded munitioned windows, more than 60 rooms, 18 chimneys and has a BUNCH of secret doors and hidden passageways (!!) This venue looks like it came straight out of Downton Abbey with it’s dark and moody atmosphere. Can it GET any more perfect!?


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The Beekman Hotel

This is one of my favorite venues to recommend to couples for getting ready before their wedding, but also for intimate weddings! It’s conveniently located and SO much fun to photograph. Thinking of having a rooftop ceremony?? Have it here and then have an intimate dinner (up to 70 guests) in one of their cellars!! The Beekman definitely gives off old-timey, luxury vibes that I am so here for, and if we’re anything alike, I know you’re totally gonna dig it too. 


Otto Khan and James Burden Mansion

I truly have NO idea how I didn’t know about this venue sooner, because it’s literally stunning (Versailles vibes, anyone??) and definitely one-of-a-kind, especially here in New York. It was built in the early 1900’s and if you just can’t turn off Bridgerton or The Crown (me, it’s me), this one’s for you. You’ll rent it by the hour and they’ll even supply a huge preferred-vendor list, which will honestly make your life so much easier, coming from someone in the midst of planning their own wedding! You can even have your ceremony in their private courtyard, followed by cocktail hour and reception in the mansion. Ugh, even saying that makes me excited. 


Prospect Park Boathouse

If you’re looking for vegetable-forward meals, eco-friendly practices, and a complete art deco in the park vibe, Prospect Park Boathouse is where it’s at. The Boathouse even faces a beautiful little pond where you can have your ceremony! And whats more? The venue fee goes right back into keeping the park clean and beautiful, which is a huge plus in itself. 


Harold Pratt House

Minutes away from Central Park, Harold Pratt House sits on East 68th & Park with its beautiful library and breathtaking marble staircases. This is another mansion that was built in the early 1900’s, and you can tell how vintage it is just by the antique chandeliers in the Rockefeller Ballroom. Not to mention, the library is PERFECT for cocktail hour or even an intimate dinner!! 

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Now that I’ve given you the most amazing venues you could ever ask for, what are you waiting for?? Click here to get in touch with me, let’s get you married!



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