photography is kind of a big deal.

I mean, this is your wedding day!! You're investing in something that is really freaking important, and your entire experience with me is treated just like that: Really Freaking Important. You aren't just a client or a date in my system, we're about to be BFFs. From Hobby Lobby pit stops with my couples to a post-work happy hour to chat about your albums, we're in this together. 

When you inquire, I'll respond within an hour. Me. Within an hour. I promise to send you full pricing and all sorts of fun details right away, and if you need help I'm literally an email, text, or facetime away. 

Once you book, you're officially part of the fam. I LOVE keeping up with all of my couples on social media, so ADD ME! If you need help finding a planner or have questions about how your bridesmaid dresses will photograph just DM me cause I gotchu. You'll get all sorts of tips from me on how to make your engagement session look FIRE and a top to bottom guide on how your wedding day and engagement session will roll. 

When your wedding day comes, I'll be Mia Thermopolis level invisible. Nobody has sat on me yet, but that's probably just luck. You'll be able to celebrate with your friends and family and not worry about a thing or a camera up all in your junk because I promise I've got all of those fun moments you're having covered. But please put Mr Brightside on your must-play list. And also please take some selfies with me. 

And your photos! You'll see a sneak peek in about 48 hours, and you'll have all of your photos in your hand just 4 weeks later. Engagement photos come back in just a week. CAN YOU BELIEVE?? Believe.

photography is kind of a
big deal.

any questions?

OMG WELCOME TO THE FAM. Booking is a $1000 deposit and a signed contract. Best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your phone.

we're all in. how do we book you?

I have two beautiful professional, full-frame Canon cameras. I also have a handful of wonderful lenses, an arsenal of flashes, and a literal gaggle of memory cards. 

What do you shoot with?

YESSSS, absolutely! Up to 1 mil. Let me know if your venue requires proof and I'll happily get you a certificate of insurance.

are you insured?

I live in Jersey City, NJ (10 minutes from Manhattan!) with my cat and my boyfriend,. I spend a lot of time in Syracuse (my hometown!) and Los Angeles, so I travel to both locations free of accommodation fees.

where are you located?

Hell yeah I'll travel! I've photographed everywhere from Tokyo to Spain to Cape Cod. My bags are packaged and my passport is available for stamping. Shoot me an email and let's talk about it! Let's go somewhere cool! 

will you travel to our wedding?

any questions?

YESSSSS! I love proposals! Drop me an email and let's start planning!

i'm planning on proposing to my partner. will you photograph it?

We will absolutely do family formals, and there will definitely be photos where you guys are looking at the camera. I focus on a photojournalistic style throughout the day, but we will for sure crack down and get you some gorg family photos. I've got you covered. <3

will you do family formals? can we have SOME photos of us looking at the camera?

Unfortunately I do not supply video (it's it's own beautiful animal!), but I have a list of my favorite ladies to work with that I'm happy to hand out!! 

do you offer videography? 

any questions?