photography is kind of a big deal.

I mean, this is your wedding day!! You're investing in something that is really freaking important, and your entire experience with me is treated just like that: Really Freaking Important. You're never just a client or a date in my system. From Hobby Lobby pit stops with my couples to a post-work happy hour to chat about your albums, we're in this together. 

When you inquire, I'll respond within an hourI promise to send you full pricing and all sorts of fun details right away, and if you need help I'm literally an email, text, or facetime away. 

Once you book, you're officially part of the fam. I love keeping up with all of my couples on social media, so ADD ME! I'll also add you to the I Do Crew, an awesome facebook group just for my couples.

On your wedding day I'll be invisible. You'll be able to celebrate with your friends and family and not have to worry about missing anything, because I promise I've got all of those fun moments you're having covered. But please put Mr Brightside on your must-play list.

And your photos! You'll see a sneak peek in about 48 hours, and you'll have all of your photos in your hand just 4 weeks later. Engagement photos come back in just a week. CAN YOU BELIEVE?? Believe.

photography is kind of a
big deal.

let's do it!