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Your wedding day is filled with a thousand incredible moments and feelings and you'll want to be taking your own mental pictures (ahh-- you blinked!!), and you can't do that when you have a camera all up in your business. 

With my candid style of photography I create images that embrace all of the best feelings of your wedding. You'll be able to pop that champagne, dance the night away and not worry 'bout a thing because I'll be there taking photographs that will bring you right back to those memories every single time.

Based in New York City and Los Angeles, I travel anywhere that planes fly.



ryann + james

"Lauren was so great to work with! She was quick with her responses and very thorough with planning for the day. On the day of my wedding she was professional but fun! We were a tough crowd to deal with (kinda rowdy) and she still managed to be fun with us!! She was quick with getting our photos to us as well!"

alex + chris

"If you have the chance to hire Lauren, don't hesitate for a second. As someone who hates being photographed but is also an art director, I might be what you'd call a challenging client; not only is Lauren able to bring out the best in even the most camera-shy among us, but she also comes armed with excellent taste and a friendly, try anything approach that she molds to the needs of her clients, not the other way around. Lauren is a genuine talent."

yasmeen + jeffrey

LAUREN IS AMAZING. Is it weird I want her to be my best friend?? My fiance and I are the most awkward human beings to grace the earth and Lauren got amazing pictures from us. She directs without being overbearing, is funny and patient. Did I mention she is patient?? She is so thorough too (again without being overbearing or overwhelming) - from her checklists to always, always being accessible. She is so responsive! She makes the entire process so easy. 

sarah + sam

"When we met Lauren we knew right away that she was someone we wanted to hang with all day at our wedding! And, that's exactly how I felt, like I was hanging out with a friend. She was fun and made us feel comfortable in all of the shots! And the pictures turned out amazing, more than I ever expected! She truly captured all of the big and little beauties of the day."