Stories from your wedding day are passed down for generations, and your photographs should be passed down with them. That's where I come in! You're about to have the absolute best day ever, and with me there you'll be able to revisit every single happy, exciting, and tear-jerking moment that I can get my camera on. Your photographs will be the perfect mix of candid and timeless, rich with emotion and true-to-life color so that you'll never have to worry about forgetting a single detail. With almost a decade of wedding experience, I'm here to give you incredible photos while also making this an easy and wicked fun time. Soooo what the heck are you waiting for?!

candid, timeless, and awesome wedding photography.


Living in New York City + photographing wherever planes fly.



Julia + Joey

[Lauren] did such a good job capturing the essence of my family with candid photos, which was exactly what I wanted. I literally could not have had a better experience and outcome. The photos came in so fast also, which was just fantastic. On the day of, Lauren did an excellent job meshing with my family and friends, who are quite chaotic. She was flexible and understanding which was exactly what I needed on that day.

Catherine + Ben

Lauren was soo amazing and went above and beyond on our day! Neither of us are particularly photogenic but Lauren made it so easy, we just focused on getting married and enjoying our day and in the end we got these amazing photos, capturing all the little moments. In addition, we had a slightly problematic limo driver and she went above and beyond, taking charge and getting him on the road, giving him turn by turn directions and keeping us on schedule. The photo turn around time was so fast too, we had them within a couple weeks and they were all perfect. 

Sam + Tommy

Hubby and I cannot say enough good things about our wedding photographer, Lauren Spinelli. Lauren was wonderful to work with. She made the planning process effortless, let no challenge stand in her way on the day of—there were one or two (State of Emergency, be damned!)—and captured images of our amazing family and the love, laughter, and fun that surrounded us all that day. If you’re looking for a photographer with an eye for documenting the beauty in every detail of your special day, Lauren’s your gal. #hireher. Thank you, Lauren!

Yasmeen + Jeffrey

LAUREN IS AMAZING. Is it weird I want her to be my best friend?? My fiance and I are the most awkward human beings to grace the earth and Lauren got amazing pictures from us. She directs without being overbearing, is funny and patient. Did I mention she is patient?? She is so thorough too (again without being overbearing or overwhelming) - from her checklists to always, always being accessible. She is so responsive! She makes the entire process so easy.