I'm lauren

AND I’M HERE TO TAKE YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS - so who the heck am I??  I’m just your average shark-diving, dog-loving, margarita-sipping ravenclaw.

I grew up with a thousand Italian cousins, so my voice and I know my way around a big group of people. I'm chronically early for everything (like, sit in the car or starbucks down the street for 35 minutes early). I’ll get way too excited when the two of you light my camera on fire with your love. I’ll drop some Michael Scott quotes and you will probably catch me singing along to Call Me Maybe on the dance floor (YES I DO STILL LOVE THIS SONG PLEASE PLAY IT). 

I love weddings, and I’m damn lucky to be able to photograph this super cool and super momentous day in your lives. I absolutely love hearing your ~story~ and I love watching your personalities unfold in your wedding and and in my photographs. So like, call me maybe?? 

you in? lets do this!


Fawn is the office queen. She works on administrative tasks like rubbing her face on my computer and meowing at the door. Some of her favorite things include watching the toilet flush, swatting at any and all moving screens, and pouncing on me at 5am because its BREAKFAST TIME. She has a boyfriend named Meatball, who she follows around constantly because she just wants to sniff his butt (#truelove)

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