I’m just your average gal who loves a list. I've been photographing weddings since 2010, but for 5 of those years I also worked as a photo editor and producer; I've photographed and coordinated shoots with everyone from Adam Driver to Alicia Keys, so keeping things organized and cool under pressure is kind of my jam. 

Weddings are my dream job, and I bring my best and a creative eye to every event. 


your wedding day hype girl



My "runs on adrenaline" levels are off the charts (read: I'll do *anything* for the shot). There's truly nothing like the rush of everything on a wedding day. It's thrilling and fun and challenging all at the same time and it's everything I adore. 

i freaking love weddings. 



I fell in love with photography in a highschool darkroom. I fell in love with weddings in Rochester, NY, while studying advertising photography. I moved to New York, and started rolling film during weddings for the best. 

Somehow, I manage ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

hey there, i'm lauren!

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as seen in

The Knot Hall of Fame, Best of Weddings: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

before your wedding day, you'll recieve a timeline of how 


fawn goes her own way (fleetwood mac style).


First things first: in this house, Black Lives Matter and love is love. I am proud and thrilled to photograph couples of all kinds, from all over the world. We are all holding events with those that we love the most, and I am simply here to document that for you.

I believe you should be able to look back on your wedding images and feel the butterflies from the moments before your ceremony and the joy you felt coming back down the aisle together, newly married as if it's happening all over again. This is what I'm about, and that's what I'm here to capture. You spend so long planning and anticipating these moments with your loved ones, and they deserve to be remembered truthfully.  

I want to make sure your photos reflect you and your partner. I'm a calm and quiet presence, but also your hype team when you need it. I'm here to direct you and make sure that your photos effortlessly reflect the two of you by giving you prompts that get you forgetting about the camera, having fun and just being yourselves with each other.

my mission

maggie & ehsan

Even more importantly, she was a joy to work with and have beside us as we enjoyed the day. From local recommendations, late night-before flower meltdowns, corralling a multilingual / multicultural group for the perfect shot, to being sensitive as our happiness was met with heartbreak over those who couldn't be with us she was equally supportive and perfectly professional. She was there when we needed her to be and seamlessly blended into the background when the time was right. I couldn't have asked for a better person to work with. Her presence was priceless.

"her value is so much more than 'just' beautiful pictures"

katarina & gage

Her photos blew us away and went beyond what I could imagine. The entire process of our initial meeting, booking, setting expectations - everything was totally streamlined and simple. On the day of, she was really great at guiding us the entire time and keeping the feel light and fun. We absolutely love our photos, and I really feel like Lauren has a gift for capturing both the moment but also the FEELING. I highly recommend working with Lauren, it will easily be the best decision you can make for your wedding!

"No exaggeration when I say that Lauren is pure magic"

fernanda & jc

Lauren is extremely professional and at the same time very fun to work with. There were parts during the day when we were both under a lot of pressure yet Lauren remained composed, and gave us calmness to help us enjoy our day and remain true to ourselves and our love. When we look at our pictures we are automatically transported to that day and nostalgic of an era that we haven’t lived in. She’s absolutely phenomenal and the final product is an archival memory that will last a lifetime.

"She’s absolutely phenomenal"

it's 6pm? feed her now or she'll destroy everything you love.

Don't let those pretty blue eyes fool you. She is 9lbs of Siamese attitude and does not let me forget it. Fawn exudes constant chaotic energy and is extremely social. She is OBSESSED with the toilet (idk you guys, she's weird) and loves pouncing on her brother, Meatball. 

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MEATBALL is obsessed with TV. from bird tv to star wars, count him in.

Meatball was feral until his grand entry into our home in 2018, when he realized sleeping in a bed is WAY better than sleeping in the bushes. His belly is the cutest thing I have ever seen. He loves wet food, any and all toys, and lots and lots and lots of snuggles. All night, as close as possible.

& here's meatball.

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