P.P.S: I'm booking now for 2020 + 2021!

I’m just your average ocean-obsessed dog lover who makes a lot of lists, it's cool. I grew up with a thousand Italian cousins, so my voice and I know our way around a big group of people. I absolutely live for an adrenaline rush and will do pretty much anything for *the* shot (Catch me standing on the edge of a 30th floor roof deck and then hearing security say "ma'am, that's not safe").

I love weddings, like a LOT. I started photographing them in 2010 and everything just clicked. I'm so stoked and lucky that I get to photograph such a cool day for so many cool people. Gimme a follow over on insta (@laurenspinelliphoto) to stay up to date with my most recent work, or drop me an email to see some full galleries!

Other important facts that don't off-handedly show how dedicated I am to my job: I'm originally from Syracuse, New York and have a bachelors in Photography from RIT. I moved to Jersey City kicking and screaming after 3 years in Brooklyn because my boyfriend said the rent was cheaper than what I was paying for a literal walk in closet (he was right). I used to work in Magic Kingdom and it was one of the most rewarding jobs ever, I'll talk your ear off about it if you let me. I am an absolute sucker for a kitschy tiki bar and Schitt's Creek makes me cry like, every single time. 

PS, I also have two cats, scroll down to see pictures of them!




Fawn is the office queen. She is 9lbs of Scorpio attitude and does not let me forget it (I'm not sure if she's a scorpio but she exudes the energy, so we're going with it). She loves watching the toilet flush (idk guys, she's weird) and harassing Meatball.

Meatball was feral for an undetermined number of years until his grand entry into our home in 2018, when he realized sleeping in a bed is WAY better than sleeping in the bushes. He loves wet food, any and all cat nip toys, and lots and lots and lots of snuggles. All night. As close as possible. With his tail in your mouth. 

Email me for more photos of Fawn + Meatball!