so like, call me maybe?

And I'll be taking your wedding photos - so who am I??  

First of all, some news: I don't drink coffee. I know, it's like a weird photographer thing where we all love iced coffee, but I'm more of an iced tea and croissant kinda gal. Aside from that, I’m just your average ocean-obsessed dog lover who is chronically early for everything (you know, sit-in-a-Starbucks-down-the-street for 20 minutes early). I grew up with a thousand Italian cousins, so my voice and I know our way around a big group of people. I absolutely live for an adrenaline rush and will do pretty much anything for *the* shot.

I love weddings, like a LOT, and I'm so stoked that I get to photograph such a cool day for so many cool people. Gimme a follow over on insta (@laurenspinelliphoto) to stay up to date with my most recent work, or drop me an email to see some full galleries!

hey, I'm lauren


Fawn is the office queen. She is a tiny Siamese babe with a huge attitude. She works on administrative tasks like watching the birds outside or eating my notepads for attention. Some of her favorite things include the toilet and pouncing on me at 5am because its BREAKFAST TIME. We do not pay her for pounces. 

Meatball was feral for about 6 years until his grand entry into our home in 2018, when he decided he'd rather sleep in a bed than in his little outdoor hut. He loves wet food, any and all cat nip toys, and lots and lots and lots of snuggles. All night. As close as possible. Even if it's 9000 degrees. Woof.