ehsan + maggie / manhattan, new york city hall wedding


Man, I had the best time with these two. These are two people who are just crazy in love and it’s SO obvious they’re nuts about each other. It’s so cool. I love hearing peoples stories and why they want to travel to New York City to get married, and hearing Maggie and Ehsan’s story straight up gave me chills. These two met in their biochemical engineering class, and Ehsan arrived in the US from Iran just a few days before the Muslim ban. Had he been any later, they never would have met. Maggie told me that they “loved New York and chose to get married here because it represents so many things that [they] believe in and aspire for their home state of Alabama.” After visiting, they “fell in love with being together in a place with a beautiful patchwork of people”. Marrying in New York City, to them, meant exhibiting how they were both finding the American Dream, together and individually. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

This day was so, so special, and I’m so happy to share these images with you.

I’m not sure there are words to describe how grateful I am for meeting Lauren and having her capture our marriage. Her pictures are gorgeous and they speak for themselves. She is incredibly talented and portrayed our personalities perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with her photos but her value is so much more than “just” beautiful pictures. Even more importantly, she was a joy to work with and have beside us as we enjoyed the day. From local recommendations, late night-before flower meltdowns, corralling a multilingual / multicultural group for the perfect shot, to being sensitive as our happiness was met with heartbreak over those who couldn’t be with us she was equally supportive and perfectly professional. She was there when we needed her to be and seamlessly blended into the background when the time was right. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with. Her presence was priceless. We will enjoy the photos for the rest of our lives and every time we look at them we will also think of Lauren and how special she is. Lauren truly goes beyond artistry and professionalism to be the best person you could be surrounded by on your wedding day. Thank you so much Lauren!!



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