portrait of a couple just married in front of streetart in bushwick, brooklyn, new york city


jess + amanda / bushwick, brooklyn elopement photos

Jess and Amanda reached out to me on the Knot in 2019 about their goth-themed House of Yes wedding. I absolutely lost my mind becausenot only is House of Yes is a completely Brooklyn GEM (if you’ve never been there, make a note post-pandemic to go support them), but these two absolutely were also the COOLEST. They told me how they met on their roller derby team and I mean, first of all, how badass is that? I barely have the balance to stand up off of skates. I couldn’t wait to meet them.
2020 came and went, and they decided to have a celebration with some of their closest friends and Amanda’s mom on the rooftop of their apartment building. Jess and Amanda’s sense of humor and incredible attitudes made their entire day, which they kept joking was totally by the seat of their pants, an incredibly fun mark of the beginning of their new life as married partners just four days before moving across the country. We celebrated their marriage on their rooftop with some (lots) of champagne and a cake made by friends before heading out to portraits around their neighborhood. We found murals that reminded them of their snoozy cat at home, Amanda blew my mind with some high kicks that would rival the Rockettes, and we finished with a few shots just outside of their original venue, House of Yes.

Jess’s suit: Bindle and Keep
Jess’s shoes: Tomboy Toes
Amanda’s dress: Lulu’s
Amanda’s shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Bridesmaids outfits: Azazie
Bakery: Oven.ly
Ketubah: Ketubah.com



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